Fleet Driver Training

Fleet Driver Training and Risk Assessments

We specialise in Management of Fleet Risk through professional driver training. Our approach is non-judgemental; approachable and offering honest 'no waffle' feedback. Only using highly qualified and experienced trainers. Grade A from DVSA makes us a select few of trainers in the UK who can achieve the best results. We use coaching, putting the driver's goals at the heart of training, working with the driver to produce improvements, suggestions and practical ways to reduce risk.

Driving is a skill we often use every day, but rarely reflect upon it's risk. Driving is often the most risky activity we complete on a regular basis, therefore we believe that these skills need continuous improvement, development and reflection. Our goal is to reduce injuries, incidents and near misses whilst still enjoying or even reducing the stress of the driving task. We are passionate about 'Defensive Driving', defending you from a collision, near miss or loss of control.

Do you complete risk assessments on your drivers?

Are you aware of the legislation and potential risks?

Benefits of Driver Training and Development

Fleet Tick Awareness of legal obligation for risk assessments and remedial training under Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Driving for Work guidelines setting guides, ensuring your driver's are compliant with Road Traffic Act 1988 and up to date with the current Highway Code.

Fleet TickUnderstanding the risks to your business of Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 for duty of care to Fleet Drivers, and RIDDOR - Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 when necessary. Construction and Use Legislation

Fleet Tick Potential reduction in incidents, insurance claims, cost per claim, loss of business, loss of wasted time and business reputation

Fleet Tick More efficient driving, producing significant fuel savings of at least 10% (this alone can offset the cost of training)

Fleet Tick Reduction in vehicle wear and tear, whole life costs and maintenance costs through better understanding of vehicle checks, legal obligations and more vehicle sympathy


Fleet Driver Training

The best in Fleet Driver Training, tailored to your needs. Can include classroom presentation and/or seminar, vehicle checking, on-road assessments, coaching and development. Advanced and Defensive techniques are offered from skills such as observation and planning, with time to reflect on position, speed, gear and acceleration sense, as well as safe attitudes towards traffic and other road users. We always tailor our training sessions to the driver, suggesting, mentoring and coaching. We focus on the reasons behind a method for driving and encouraging reflection on which is the best for a given situation. Often we are 'told' to drive a certain way, but not the reason behind it, we drive out of habit, without thought, having the time to thing about the risks, and different options, improves the drive to a higher standard.

Fuel Savings

Fuel savings for you and your fleet. Typically saving at least 10% for your fleet if not much more. Our professional training improves fuel consumption, decreases CO2 but more importantly does not increase journey times. Simple training which can be delivered one-to-one through to one-to-three in car. Focusing on timing junction and traffic light approach to avoid stopping, extending the view in order to plan better, with more understanding of the complexities of traffic flow. Focusing on the Accelerator, brake and gears, considering the exact measurement or judgment required to be safe and economical. We also offer Hybrid or electric car training or inductions.

Motorway Training

Motorway Training for your fleet. Advanced and Defensive training one-to-one or to one-to-three session’s on-road developing Merging methods for busy slip roads, with timing and space management skills. A strong focus on observation and planning skills, encouraging greater awareness of slip roads, services, signs and traffic hazards. Application of Defensive Space Management techniques, controlling the safety bubble realistically on busy UK Motorways, for all trained drivers.

Self Development

Self Development is a pure coaching course developing fleet driver's safe attitudes on the road. Attitude and believes are often the cause of risky driving. Always a one-to-one and non-judgemental the coaching session and on-road training entourages reflection on previous incidents, near misses, strengths and development points to enhance the drive further. Always an open-forum, never our way or the highway, positive outcomes for those willing to be open. For drivers who put up barriers to changing their behaviors, we continue in a non-judgemental approach, but probe the root cause of these behaviors. We also encourage reflection on the consequences, outcomes and concerns about current and different behaviors. This takes tact, skill and experience to achieve, talents that not all instructors possess.

UK Familiarisation

UK Familiarisation on-road fleet course. These risks are often over-looked, but changes in culture, law and environment's of driving in the UK can be vast, creating elevated risk for these drivers. We analyse existing knowledge and skills in order to highlight any risks, then encourage and practice the necessary changes in the real world. Commonly concerns over roundabouts, multi-lane situations, accuracy of positioning and understanding of signage/priorities come to light. An on-road coaching session to ensure foreign drivers understand UK road traffic law and to familiarise themselves with our roads.

Vehicle Checks

Vehicle Check Workshop including risks, consequences for both company provided and grey fleet vehicles. Ideal for a fleet manager who is looking to ensure that their fleet of vehicles are in good order and for at-work drivers. This includes training safe and secure loads, on tyre pressures, condition and maintenance, identifying damage, under bonnet, electrical and fuel checks which should be conducted by any driver on a regular basis.

Driving Books and Driving Instructor Training Aids. Driving Books for novice and budding Advanced drivers. Training Aids for PDIs and ADI's. We also offer a bespoke design service for ADIs for corporate branding and design.

Our Qualifications

Driver Standards and Vehicle Agency
Grade A (Top Grade)
Approved. Our last Standard Check was taken with a full license holder in their own car, an examiner sits in the rear of the vehicle and considers your skills during a one hour session. This is marked out of 51 we achieved 46. See our marking sheet here Driving Instructor (Jan 2007)
Registered Fleet Driver Trainer (Previously Grade 6 Top Grade)(Dec 2008)

Drive IQ Driving Instructor

RoSPA Advanced (Gold) Driver

DIAmond Advanced Driver

ARD's National B Race License Holder

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