Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Welcome this page is designed to reduce your insurance costs! This could be one of the most expensive parts of getting on the road for the first time but we have ways of reducing the costs!

Pass Plus

This course available to young drivers called Pass Plus Extra is great for young drivers.

This scheme has been running a while and offers a minimum of 6 hours of training modules include:

  • Motorway Driving
  • Dual Carridgeways
  • Urban
  • Rural
  • Night Time
  • All Weather

This course is available at discount when taken as a theory and practical course through Staffordshire County Council.

Find out more about the Pass Plus Course

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Up to 50%* off your first insurance premium + Gain a qualification

DriveIQ Pro BTEC Driving Science

This course available to young drivers called the A2om BTEC Intermediate Award is equivalent to a GCSE so is great for young drivers' CV, and covers all aspects of your driving from start to finish. View the Drive IQ website. Designed to run alongside the normal driving lessons process, it enhances your knowledge with online training, and on road assessments and discussions. The price for the course is an additional £150, however course will provide a significant insurance discount to drivers who have completed the BTEC.

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Up to 25%* off your first insurance premium

Young Driver Coaching Programme

This course available to young drivers called Young Driver Coaching Programme is great for young drivers and parents alike as it involves great new technology which monitors the young drivers risk. This is the future! This is an incredible development, basically a black box in car, trials of 40 young drivers have seen a 66% risk. It monitors the drivers behaviour after passing and relays this back for parents and teen driver to view. It scores green, amber or red for various manoeuvres and encourages good habits. This will eventually linked into insurance companies who will reward good driving with lower premiums.

This can monitored online by the young drive and parents, as to how risky their driving is. Although there is a cost involved in fitting the box, and a nominal monthly fee, this will significantly reduce risk, and therefore insurance costs.

View the Staffordshire Website
View the Greenroad Website
View the Greenroad Technologies video
BBC News Coverage

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Advanced Training and Testing

A great way to keep up to scratch, Institute of Advanced Motrists, ROSPA, DIAmond or RAC advanced tests are great ways to keep up to a safe standard on the road.

Continual Professional Training

Remember that to be safe we highly recommend regular driving assessments.

  • Parents Assessments
  • Young Driver Assessments
  • Driving for Work Assessments

Regular risk assessments will ensure you continue to be as safe as possible, and with some training to improve your driving you are less likely to crash.

No Claims discounts, Speeding Fines etc... cost money, this could easily be offset by good training

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