Training Aids for Driving Instructors

Our Lesson Plans are based on the saying a picture speaks a thousand words, so have great illustrations and bullet pointed lists to ensure your briefings are accurate and through.

The Learnmoore Lesson Plans for Driving Instructors have been developed with my skills and with help from Nigel Dawson a Grade 6 ORDIT driving instructor. Trailing various methods whist training to be an ADI, the Plans have been in development for over two years.

Consisting of 45 Plans fully laminated wire bound for your convenience. They are based on the DSA recommended syllabus they cover most of training for PDIs, ADIs and ORDIT Registered Instructors alike.

Contents include:

  • cockpit checks
  • safety checks
  • controls and instruments
  • move away + stop
  • mirrors vision + use
  • signals
  • safe positioning
  • use of speed
  • meet clearance + anticipation
  • meet priorities + clearance
  • meet double parked cars
  • road signs + markings
  • clearance
  • approach to turn left
  • approach to turn right
  • t junctions + emerging left
  • t junctions + emerging  right
  • simple roundabout
  • mini roundabouts
  • cross roads
  • large cross roads
  • large roundabouts
  • traffic light roundabouts
  • spiral roundabouts
  • dual carriageways
  • motorways
  • pedestrian crossings
  • emergency stop
  • turn in the road
  • parallel parking
  • reversing right
  • reversing left
  • bay parking
  • darkness
  • overtake
  • weather conditions
  • eco driving
  • legal responsibilities
  • automatic vehicles
  • test day
  • beyond your test
  • instructor cockpit checks
  • lesson structure
  • level of instruction
  • core competencies

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Lesson Plans for Driving Instructors ADIs PDIs ORDIT

Training Aids for Driving Instructors, ADI, PDI

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