Learner Driver Syllabus

  • Licence + Eye test
  • Your targets
  • Legal responsibility & safety
  • New driver crash involvement
  • Safety checks including legal implications
  • POWDERY (Petrol, Oil, Water, Damage, Electrics, Rubber & You)
  • Safe passengers & loads
  • Cockpit checks
  • Handbrake & neutral
  • Wellbeing
  • DSSSM (Doors, Seatbelt, Steering, Seat & Mirrors)
  • Controls, equipment, instruments & ancillary
  • POM (Prepare, Observe & Move
  • LADA (Look, Assess, Decide & Act)
  • MSPSL (Mirrors, Signals, Position, Speed & Looks)
  • Move away & stopping - safe and legal
  • Creep uphill/downhill angled
  • Changing & selecting gears/steering technique
  • Use Mirrors when :
    before signalling, before changing speed, before changing direction, to assess hazards, frequently
  • Signals
  • Positioning
    normal driving & one way/narrow roads
  • Use of speed
    progress, speeding & hesitancy
  • Observation, anticipation & planning
    commentary drive, eye scan, spot every road sign, road markings, cyclists/motorcyclists, other cars, pedestrians, large vehicles + buses, railway & tram lines & emergency vehicles
  • Dealing with other traffic
    meeting traffic, holdback position, safe clearance & following distance to the side and behind
  • Junctions
    safe approach, zones of vision, minimum observations, turn left/turn right, emerge, one way, fast roads, protected rights, traffic lights & Y junctions/slip
  • Crossroads
    traffic lights
  • Roundabouts + gyratory systems
    simple, mini, multiple & spiral/traffic lights
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Eco safe driving
    the vehicle, planning, control, benefits & route planning
  • Emergency stop
    30mph / 60mph, Antilock Braking System (ABS), cause of a skid
  • Rural roads/bends
    limit points & IPSGA (Information, Position, Speed, Gear &Acceleration)
  • Dual carriageways
    slip on/off & progress
  • Motorway theory
    (Your Instructor will give a demonstration drive for at least one junction on the Motorway with commentary drive and answer question regarding the theory of Motorway Driving)
  • Darkness
    lights/parking & vulnerable road users
  • Overtaking single lane carriageway
  • Impairments & the consequences
    lack of experience, peer pressure/passengers, drugs/alcohol, distraction/mobiles/equipment, type of road, time of day concentration/tiredness/fatigue stress/anger mood/attitude
    (Instructor discusses this at relating it to situations or journeys the student may encounter and develops coping strategies and offers crucial knowledge to the student)
  • Helping those involved in an incident/crash
    DR ABC (Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing & Compression)
  • Reversing straight
  • Turn around
    in three moves, left reverse, right reverse & alternatives
  • Parking
    safely, bay (car park) & parallel (road)
  • Weather conditions
    fog, ice, snow, sun, wind, rain & fords/floods
  • Journey planning
    time of day, time of year, maps/signs, sat nav/backup, tireness/fatigue & timings
  • Road conditions
  • Automatics
  • Car Fuel fill up
  • Unprompted drive (Independant Driving)
    self assessment, route planning, planning, anticipation & economical
  • DSA Driving Test Format
  • DSA Driving Mock Test
  • DSA Driving Test & Self Evaluation
  • Crash Risk
  • Pass plus + Post Test Training
  • Motorway long journeys