Links to great driving resources

A2om are a driving school offering BTEC courses, and have set a very high standard in the industry for driving lessons.
Learnmoore is an approved BTEC provider.
Beyond driving is a Devon based Driver Trainer called Tim Manwaring for all your fleet, 4x4 all terrain and van training needs.
Brake Road safety charity...they do excellent work, please support them!
Direct Gov - very useful Government website with lots on information regarding motoring, and other Government information.
Drink Aware Drinking and driving, the facts! very useful.
Driving Standards Agency (DSA) administer the driving tests, and have a website you can book them online with.
Driver Training Today, is a useful forum for those learning to drive, Potential Driving Instructors, Fleet Trainers, Approved Driving Instructors & Advanced Drivers.
Excelsior Training is the best Place in Staffordshire for all your Advanced Driver Training, including Fleet and Driving Instructor Training from Nigel Dawson.
The Highway code online, offers the information in the highway code for free, and is easy to search. Useful for learning theory, or parents brushing up their knowledge!
The Institute of Advanced Motorists offer an Advanced test based on the Roadcraft (Police Driving) manual. Useful for ongoing training, or improving parents driving.
Pass Plus is an excellent driving lessons course offering post test training and further insurance discounts to young drivers. Includes Motorway and Night time driving modules.
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) offer some very good further training post test. Parents should consider taking their test!
Training Aids for Driving Instructors from Learnmoore Driver Training. For Instructors with ORDIT, PDIs, and ADIs. Unique and Developed with Nigel Dawson from Excelsior Training for you to present your driving lessons with ease.
Think is a road safety campaign, with an excellent website for all drivers and riders.
Campaign for Safe Road Design.
Road Safety Foundation
Road Safety Foundation

Other useful sites

Driving Simulator

Drive Survive

Arrive Alive

Department For Transport

Get In Lane

Learn 2 Live


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