Parents Information

Welcome this is an important page to me, because I think parents are a critical link in the process of driving lessons.

Staffordshire County Council has developed a programme which aims to involve parents in the learning process from start to finish. This is an great opportunity to learn more about how your son or daughter is developing important road safety skills. We actively encourage parents to sit in on at least three lessons, and have a structured communication process with resources for students and parents.

Remember a 17 year old has had lessons since they have been in a car from a young age, watching parents.

Quote A license is potentially a license to kill! Take positive action to encourage safe driving. End Quote

How can Parents Help?

Be a role model!

Before a student gets into my car they have had 17 years of driving lessons already from family and friends. I have a tough job sometimes because role models can be setting poor habits, behaviour and attitudes in the car. I am not here to lecture you how to drive, but your son/daughter will follow in your footsteps...

  • Keep to the laws of the road - speed, mobiles, traffic lights
  • Take an interest
    Help with theory and practical practice, sit in on lessons. Read around the subject. DSA Essential Skills and Mind Driving are great books for parents.
  • Improve your own driving
    Take an advanced test, have 1 hour of tuition.
  • Set Targets for your own lessons
    Use each private lesson as a chance to improve a specific skill or type of driving.
  • Approach with a good attitude
    Set safe attitudes towards others on the road, do not encourage swearing and road rage!
  • Understand the testing process
    Theory and practical, and post test training, remember the test is only the first step to driving, further motorway/pass plus and development is necessary in small quantities after the test to be safe. This may also reduce insurance costs.

Quote The Drive IQ BTEC Intermediate Award is equivalent to a GCSEso is great for young drivers' CV, and covers all aspects of your lessons from start to finish. End Quote

Further information about the BTEC course

Why choose Learnmoore Lessons?

The Syllabus - a comprehensive cover of all subjects required to be a safe driver.

The Teaching - I am a fully qualified Driving Instructor with Grade Six (highest standard possible). I was trained by Nigel Dawson of excelsior training who is a Grade Six instructor who is well respected and one of the most highly qualified instructors in the country- view Nigel's website. For each lesson targets are set, and a written report/notes/drawings are made for the student and parents/family to read.

The Passion - I do this job because I was nearly killed by driving irresponsibly when I was 18, and I want to help prevent that from happening to any of my students, I really do care about road safety! I enjoy my job and teach that way, no half hearted efforts here!

My car has HE MAN dual controls and is fully insured for instruction and exams. My car is regularly maintained.

How can I help as a Parent?

Sit in on one of the lessons!

Please do! Family are actively encouraged to sit in and watch lessons, particularly when new drivers have gained the confidence of the early modules. Generally it is good practice because it is likely other passengers will be in the car at some stage after they have passed a driving test.

It is also great for family to learn some of the techniques needed for driving on today’s roads. Think back to what you did to pass your test, how long ago it was and how much has changed? You might be able to share experiences during the sessions, or learn something yourself. Even if it is just one driving session.

When do driving lessons take place?

I work 08:30-19:00 weekdays and 09:00-17:00 most Saturdays. I can be flexible with times if necessary and some driving requires later times (e.g. night time drives.)

After the Driving Rest

This is an essential part to this page DO NOT STOP READING!.
A license is potentially a license to kill! Take positive action to encourage safe driving.

Pass Plus

- essential motorway, dark drive, urban and rural elements to drive. Potentially reduce insurance costs, and improve knowledge and skills. Available HALF PRICE through the local council!

The BTEC from Drive IQ

This provides a unique opportunity to make sure everything is covered from Mirrors to Motorways and an additional qualification.

Advanced Driving

A great way to keep up to scratch, Institute of Advanced Motorists, ROSPA, DIAmond or RAC advanced tests are great ways to keep up to a safe standard on the road.

Greenroad Technologies - the future!

This is an incredible development, basically a black box in car, Staffordshire county council are trialling this idea to see if it reduces crashes in teens on the road. It monitors the drivers behaviour after passing and relays this back for parents and teen driver to view. It scores green, amber or red for various manoeuvres and encourages good habits. This will eventually linked into insurance companies who will reward good driving with lower premiums. Currently Staffordshire County Council are paying for this trial!
View the Greenroad Technologies video

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Facts about driving lessons in the UK

In the first 6 months of passing the test:

70% reported nearly having an accident!

19% reported having an accident.

12% of passers without driving experience have never driven in the dark!

5% never driven on country roads.

3% on fast dual carriageways.

Taken from Department for Transport Figures

Important Choices

Remember there is a big difference between an instructor who teaches their students to pass the driving test, and an instructor who teaches a student to drive safely for life!

How long is the course?

I often hear.."It only took me 5 lessons to pass!"

I am being honest here, so you can budget and know what to expect from lessons;

The average number of hours taken when a test is taken is 52 hours of professional tuition (Department for Transport figures) and 19 hours (where available) private practice.

This covers the FULL DSA learning to drive syllabus. A great way to ensure better safety is choosing a great instructor and great lessons, but it goes further than that... take a look at Our Lesson Syllabus.

Some people take longer than others; it depends on lots of things. Generally it is about commitment and time though. Put the time and effort in you will see results!

For Students with previous experience or access to substantial practice away from professional lessons the minimum recommended hours by ourselves is 32 hours.

For Students without previous experience or access to practice away from professional lessons minimum recommended hours by ourselves is 40 hours.

Our pass rate is exactly 50% over the last year.
Our figures show under 32 hours you are only 31% likely to pass, even with previous experience.

Students that have done at least 32+ hours are 71% likely to pass, even with previous experience.

100% of Students who have completed 43+ hours with no previous experience have passed first time.

Remember traffic conditions are much busier than they used to be and roads are a lot more complex.

To make costs lower, pay up front, have regular lessons and practice with family in a private car that is insured and legal for the student to drive. This reduces costs because there are not long gaps between lessons, meaning things are forgotten.

It is clear that tuition needs to be good, cover a comprehensive syllabus and promote safe independent driving with good attitudes by a Professional Instructor.

How much are lessons?

Price information

This is going to cost me a fortune! This is usually the first question I get asked when parents call for lessons. This concerns me! Although I understand why it an obvious question... it really should be the least important question; the question should be what do you cover on lessons?

More information on what is covered in our lessons can be found in Our Lessons Syllabus

How well do you cover it? Will my son/daughter be a safe driver after they have finished the course?

I do realise this can be an expensive time though so block booking discounts are available for upfront payments. This reduces the overall costs which would be an ideal Birthday gift for a new driver.

Remember with driving instructors it is not always the cheaper the better.

What will cost more?

Slightly more expensive lessons covering a full syllabus, less tests and less accidents or cheaper lessons, potentially less comprehensive syllabus, potentially more test costs, and potentially more accidents?

Crashing a car costs a fortune, but may also cost lives!

Finally driving generally is not cheap, if you cannot afford to take the lessons, can you afford the car and costs of running it after passing?

Why are Lessons so expensive?

Is it really expensive?
How much do you pay a taxi/bus/train?
Add up the costs involved of running a car

  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Buying/leasing

Then ask how much you pay other professions for professional tuition? Our prices are in line with the same prices from two of the largest national driving schools.