Useful videos for learning to drive

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Anatomy Of A Crash
Explaining the details of what actually happens in a crash

Read Road Signs, Anticipation
BRILLIANT! Maybe aimed at bikers and riders, but very good point!

Alertness Test
FUN! Try it! Concentrate!

Serious Messages

Warning: The following videos are not for the faint hearted!

! Why you should always wear your seatbelt!

! Another reason why you should always wear your seltbelt!

! Road Safety Videos aimed at Ireland Young Men, Drink Driving and Seatbelts

! Speeding - No time for the unexpected

! Speeding - Distracted by the Radio

! Speeding - 35 in a 30 zone

! Keep Your Mirrors Checked

! Drink Driving

! Concentration

! Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving

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